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Auto Warranty Service Covers You, If You Have Covered It

Here is a situation that will test your auto warranty service: As you are driving along the road, you feel a sharp shudder shake the length of your car's frame. You jolt upright in your seat and check the rear view mirror. Did you run over something? Did you puncture a tire? But no, it doesn't feel like a flat tire. But there is something wrong, that's to be sure. The car just doesn't feel right, and - ahh, there we go.

The check engine light just came on. In the past, this would be the time to pull over to the side of the road, give the car a quick inspection, and see if it is something that you could fix on the spot. If not, you would drive it home and do whatever repairs were required. But today's computerized cars are a lot more complex, and most repairs are well beyond the scope of a backyard mechanic. So, you quickly pull over, pull out your cell phone, and schedule a check-up at your warranty approved mechanic...

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Michelle F. I found such peace of mind that I bought another service agreement for our truck we purchased. Thanks to Motor Vehicle Services for providing me with an affordableprotection and superior customer service. I have, and will continue, to recommend your services to all my friends!
Michelle F.
Mechanicsburg, PA
Kaylene P. "I am very impressed! You paid IMMEDIATELY and everything went through so quick, I was so amazed. I will never have a vehicle without a warranty!"
Jenny R.
Henderson, NV
Jeff N. "I am very satisfied with the service that was given to me and the honesty that I received from your agent and I am certain that I will be even more satisfied with the service in the years to come."
Albert K.
Indianapolis, IN

Why You Read It From Cover to Cover

Wait, you do know who that is, right? One of the things to check, no matter what type of warranty you have, is where you can go for service. With a new car, it is likely to be the service center attached to the dealership, or any affiliated dealership across the country. But if you have an extended warranty, you will definitely want to know where you can go to get certified repairs. If you go to an uncovered garage, you might find yourself paying for repairs that would normally be covered by your warranty.

Back to the road side. You make an appointment with the garage for the first thing in the morning. You show up, drop off your car, and get on with your day. A little later, you get a phone call from the repair shop. They have found the source of the problem, but the news is not good. It's the transmission. You groan. You might not know much about cars, but you know that modern transmissions are a nightmare when problems set in...

But hang on, is transmission work covered by your warranty? For most cases, the answer here is yes. No matter if it's a bumper to bumper or a powertrain warranty, transmission problems are usually covered. But that by no means indicates that you should just assume. Whenever you sign up for a warranty, make sure you read it cover to cover, and ask about any points that are not crystal clear to you. A question left unanswered here can result in a bill left unpaid later.

But you've read your warranty, and you know that transmission work is covered. Of course, being an affiliated garage, a notice for the repairs has already been sent to the warranty provider (but you knew that from reading your warranty, right?), and they have already set up payment through their account with the garage (you know if they have one, don't you? The answer is in your warranty paperwork. If they do not, you may be on the hook to pay up front and get reimbursed later!). You can relax now - the work will be done, and soon, you will have your car back on the road, running like new again.

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