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Michelle F. I found such peace of mind that I bought another service agreement for our truck we purchased. Thanks to Motor Vehicle Services for providing me with an affordableprotection and superior customer service. I have, and will continue, to recommend your services to all my friends!
Michelle F.
Mechanicsburg, PA
Kaylene P. "I am very impressed! You paid IMMEDIATELY and everything went through so quick, I was so amazed. I will never have a vehicle without a warranty!"
Jenny R.
Henderson, NV
Jeff N. "I am very satisfied with the service that was given to me and the honesty that I received from your agent and I am certain that I will be even more satisfied with the service in the years to come."
Albert K.
Indianapolis, IN

Extend Auto Warranty Coverage Without the Dealership

If you are coming up on the final days of your car's original manufacturer's warranty, and you are worried about something going wrong soon afterwards, you can relax. There are ways to extend auto warranty coverage, so that your vehicle will be covered for years to come.

You might be worried because of what the sales person told you when you purchased your new car. You did not want to add the extra expense of the extended warranty at the time, but the talk of how much repairs could cost you after the original standard manufacturer's warranty runs out did leave a pretty big impression with you. And the sales person might even have told you that, should you decide not to sign up for the extended warranty they were offering, you would never again be able to find that deal.

Well, the sales person was right, but for all the wrong reasons. You will never be able to get that same deal that was offered by your dealership at the time you purchased your car. That deal would have seen the cost of the extended warranty rolled into your financing for the initial purchase - a modification that cannot be added now. So, an extended warranty that is purchased now will have to be paid in full at a single time.

And the other reason you won't be able to get the deal that your sales person offered? Because that deal was actually more expensive. The company that provides the extended warranties for your dealership actually adds in a rather hefty sales commission for extended warranties purchased at the same time as the original car. As a result, sales people have turned up the pressure, trying to sell as many warranties as they can. By waiting, you have lost out on the "deal" that would have made your sales person a lot of money - money that, ultimately, would have come from what you paid.

So don't despair. You can buy an extended warranty after the fact. You may even end up dealing with the same third-party company that provides extended warranties to your dealership. The process to extend auto warranty coverage is relatively easy - simply shop around for the best price quotes, and make sure you read the policy before you sign. Then take a deep breath - your car is covered again, in case of part failures, just like when you first drove it off the dealer's lot.

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