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Extended Auto Warranty Facts

Extended service contracts are generally known as an extended auto warranty. They're most sometimes a guarantee to pay the repair facility to replace or fix a covered part and / or element which has failed or worn outside the manufacturer's tolerations. There are lots of differences in an extended auto warranty. Make certain that you do business with a credible company with a lengthy record of paying claims.

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Michelle F. I found such peace of mind that I bought another service agreement for our truck we purchased. Thanks to Motor Vehicle Services for providing me with an affordableprotection and superior customer service. I have, and will continue, to recommend your services to all my friends!
Michelle F.
Mechanicsburg, PA
Kaylene P. "I am very impressed! You paid IMMEDIATELY and everything went through so quick, I was so amazed. I will never have a vehicle without a warranty!"
Jenny R.
Henderson, NV
Jeff N. "I am very satisfied with the service that was given to me and the honesty that I received from your agent and I am certain that I will be even more satisfied with the service in the years to come."
Albert K.
Indianapolis, IN

Finding the Best Deal

Most automobiles in today's market place come with only a three or four year guaranty from the maker. Vehicles would become too pricey if makers placed longer warranties on them. And the local agencies would lose some vital "service business". Today's vehicles can be really complicated and costly to repair. If you can't afford the total investment for an extended auto warranty than be sure to ask for a no-interest payment plan.

Be careful of extended auto warranties that are only valid at the location where the warranty was bought. Additionally, you could pay more for an extended warranty if you bought thru a local automobile agency and they fund it within the auto purchase. This traps you into paying financing fees on their extended warranty purchase and you lose the capability to cancel the warranty for a correct refund.

Purchasing straight from a warranty company can offer serious overall savings and liberty from the standard, high pressure and expensive traps of auto dealers. Buy from a company whose first business is that of providing quality extended warranties at competitive pricing. Don't purchase from firms or agencies that offer these products as secondary or further items as you'll usually wind up paying too much for unacceptable products.

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